Posted 10/3/23

Student Resource Officers in several Middle Tennessee schools are confiscating three times as many vapes compared to this time last year.

Student Resource Officers are the reason more vapes are being found, schools have seen almost triple the number of vapes confiscated so far this school year. 

The main thing is Student Resource Officers being mobile and visible, being visible during class changes, hitting bathrooms. That’s where the majority of kids are doing it.

Student Resource Officers say it takes hours out of their day to charge students. No matter how much they preach to students to be vape-free, they say it comes down to parents.

Parents & Grandparents can help…as a parent, as a grandparent, you want to make sure you check backpacks, you check stuff to make sure when they walk out the door, you know they didn’t have it at that moment.

And as a side note…if the vape has .3% THC or greater, Student Resource Officers can charge them for simple possession of a Schedule VI drug. They can also charge them for public intoxication if they are exhibiting signs of impairment.